GYM DEPOT 1.2kg Weighted Foam Padded Hula Hoop

GYM DEPOT 1.2kg Weighted Foam Padded Hula Hoop

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Our weighted Fitness Hula Hoop has arrived. And we can’t speak highly enough about this product. What you see in our pictures is exactly what you will receive. The soft outer EVA foam makes working out with this 1.2kg hoop far more enjoyable and comfortable than other hoops on the market.



The Quality of this 1.2kg Blue and Grey is first class. It comes boxed in 6 easily assembled pieces that just clip together. You can dismantle just as easily for quick storage after your workout.



Weighted Hoops have proved to be a fantastic way to tone core muscles and lose body fat. It also helps mobility in the hips.



Our Hoop is a great way to start a Hula Hoop exercise routine. It is easy for beginners to learn and it’s a great way to train indoors in the comfort of your own home. Language on the box is English, German, French and Italian



Item Specifics



Weight: 1.2kg

Size: 100cm

Packaging: Glossy Box

Material: Soft EVA Foam (Outer)

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