GYM DEPOT Door Pull Up Bar

GYM DEPOT Door Pull Up Bar

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This Fitness Bar will get you stronger and get ripped quick with the Door Gym total upper body workout bar. Its a multifunction training system that helps raise the bar on upper body exercises Door Gym will turn any door into your own personal gym within just seconds. Its unique design wraps around your door frame and uses leverage so there are no screws needed and no damage caused to your door. You can perform pull ups and chin ups, sit ups, push ups, and dips effectively from your own home in order to strengthen and tone your chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs and more. The Door Gym features 3 different grip positions with a narrow grip, wide grip and neutral. By switching up your routine you’ll keep challenging your muscles to get a more effective workout. You can get fit in just a few minutes a day.



  • Three grip positions 1-Narrow, 2-Wide and 3-Neutral
  • Turns any doorway into a personal gym and can be installed in seconds
  • Ideal for pull-ups- push-ups-chin-ups- dips-crunches and much more
  • Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door at all


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