GYM DEPOT 3 Set Of Rainbow Hula Hoop

GYM DEPOT 3 Set Of Rainbow Hula Hoop

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Brightly colored fun exercise!

Rainbow Hula Hoop - the new collapsible massage bow . 
Consisting of 8 brightly-colored like a rainbow parts. 
This is the latest burning more calories and fat destruction method, 
which is not only useful but also very fun .

Rainbow Hula Hoop bow waves stimulate massaging the back, 
waist and abdominal muscles. 
We're just a 10 -minute workout to make you feel efficient work-out 
and full of energy .


    Cardio training, effective slimming and massage at the same time
    Strengthens the torso, buttocks, arms, thighs  
    Develops stamina
    Collapsible - consists of 7 parts
    68cm diameter hula hoops
    Thin plastic 
    Easy  and fun workout
    Assembled within a few seconds
    Fill in with water/sand for individual section
    Easy to store
    Easy to carry

Strengthen the abdomen, back, buttocks ...

Rainbow Hula Hoop hoop gently works and strengthens the lower back 
at the same time claiming abdominal press. 
By taking just a few minutes a day, you burn unnecessary calories, 
reduce waist size, 
strengthens the heart and blood vessels become more patient . 
This last one calorie fat burning and destruction methodology 
that is not just useful, 
but also highly enjoyable .

Strengthens the torso, buttocks, arms, thighs and develops stamina.

Box contains:  3 sets of hula

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