GYM DEPOT Vinyl Covered Dipping Kettlebell

GYM DEPOT Vinyl Covered Dipping Kettlebell

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Inner layer is made of Quality Iron and outer layer from Vinyl Coating (Non slip layer). High quality Vinyl Coats prevent them from damaging your floor or tables provides durability. Comfortable grip. High quality GYM DEPOT kettlebells help to improve body Strength and shape body muscles. Can be used like ordinary dumbbells and swung about for an intense cardio workout. Helps you have workout in very little space and you can burn up just as many calories, as going for a run. You can do a large number of exercises with a kettlebell like cardio vascular and anabolic exrecises at one time.


  • Vinyl Non-slip coating on the outer layer for enhanced protection and perfect grip
  • Featured with flat bottom to stop vinyl dipping kettlebells from rolling and help avoid falls
  • Vinyl coating making it easy to clean
  • Perfect for professional gym and home training use
  • Ideal for fitness training and exercise
  • Perfect for Ladies
  • High quality


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